ThundaWear Skullcap, worn under a protective helmet, has proven to dissipate impact to the head.  When the impact to the head is diminished, this reduces the frequency and severity of concussions and traumatic brain injury.
You Need the Additional Protection that ThundaWear Provides
Today, the only head protection for athletes is a helmet. Helmets are designed to reduce skull-fracturing impacts to manageable levels. Concussion management has been a relatively recent addition to the helmet design considerations.

The padding used by existing helmet makers has a very limited range of impact protection. For example, material geared to protect against high-speed impact is so hard that it actually often makes a lower speed impact more dangerous
Our skullcap is an all natural based material that is unequalled in dissipating energy. Quick drying and machine washable, it conforms to the skull and offers unparalleled comfort and support. Our unique padding is unsurpassed in relieving pressure points caused by a poor fitting helmet. This technology makes ThundaWear Skullcaps completely flexible, lightweight protection.
Reducing the forces that a body is subjected to diminishes the likelihood of concussions occurring as a result of a head impact. When worn under protective headgear, the skullcap lowers the impact in G-forces (see test results), as well as industry standard Severity and Head Injury Criteria Indexes (H.I.C.).
Seeking out technology in personal climate control led us to a comfort coating. This type of coating absorbs and stores excessive heat on contact with the fabric, keeping players in the game cool-headed and ready to perform.
Thundawear Skullcaps, when worn under a protective helmet, substantially lowers the impact in G-forces.
Keep Your Head Cooler With a ThundaWear Skullcap
The call went out to ICS Laboratories, a leader in North America in helmet testing. The ICS team saw the possibilities and jumped at the chance to develop proprietary heat testing for ThundaWear Skullcaps.

ICS scientists brain-stormed and created a reliable method to measure temperatures of both the surface of the skull form and the helmet interior on the form, simultaneously.
  The Results are Astounding

Minute-by-minute, 130 readings proved that the ThundaWear Skullcap & the helmet stayed significantly cooler, hands down. The surface of the skull form stayed an average of 3.5°F cooler wearing the Skullcap while the helmet interior stayed an average of 13°F cooler!
Lessen The G-Forces
Because of Impressive Proven Results
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